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We create innovative Agri business solutions that take into cognisance environmental and sustainability issues

Jil Agro is always available to help. With our expertise and knowledge, we know exactly what it takes to establish and run a profitable farm enterprise.

We also help farmers to optimize soil fertility, identify and control pest and engage in Management practices that would minimize erosion and nutrient losses.

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Offering world-class services for agribusiness success

Consultancy & Technical Services

We provide advisory and technical services to farmers, offering expert guidance and innovative ideas to help improve crop yields, profitability, and client success.

Farm Setup Services

We help investors set up farms by providing land acquisition and development, soil testing, irrigation systems design, nursery development, and field establishment of economic crops

Training & Capacity Building

Jil Agro engages in training, advocacy, and capacity building in agricultural production, helping farmers and other stakeholders develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the Agriculture industry.

Our On-going project

Are you interested in Cultivating a cash crop that will generate an annual income of about 4million naira from 1 hectare of farmland ?

You can join us as we drive the Tenera revolution.

Farming Advantages of Cultivating the Tenera Hybrid

Higher Number of FFB

The number of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) produced per plant is much higher in the tenera hybrid, than in the other forms.

Bigger FFB

The fresh fruit bunches (FFB) produced by the tenera are much bigger than the locally cultivated forms.

Higher Yield of Palm Oil

The fruits from the tenera hydrid are also bigger with thicker and more fleshy mesocarp. The resultant effect of all the above is that, both the palm oil yield and the palm kernel tonnage per hectare are higher in the tenera than in the naturally existing forms.

Early Maturity

The tenera hybrid starts fruiting 3 years from field establishment date, and this is quite early compared to the local natural forms that do not start fruiting until after 5 to 7 years.

Shorter Height

The tenera hybrid does not grow in height as fast as the wild forms and these reduces harvesting and maintenance costs on the plantation.

Less Susceptibility to Major Diseases

Finally, the tenera hybrid is less susceptible to the major diseases of the oilpalm when compared with the dura and the pisifera forms

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Km 6, idiroko road ap petrol station annex, Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria

+234 803 337 6033

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